Stephen Ksiazek has been tireless in representing and working for the residents of Don Valley East for years. As a local small business owner, President of the Don Mills Residence Inc residents' association and former Naval Reserve Officer he has fought to help the community. Stephen is a proud husband and father of three.

Working with City Staff, Developers, and residents Stephen has been able to influence changes in many of the current and future neighbourhood developments on behalf of our community. Over 50 new condo towers are in the planning stages for our community and without the hard work of Stephen Ksiazek the developers would be allowed to build without serious input from the communities.

As president of the DMRI, Stephen initiated and managed ligation against the City of Toronto when our current councilor reneged on a signed deal to put a community centre in central Don Mills. This litigation was heard in the Ontario Court of appeal on April 11th, 2022 and a decision is expected shortly.

He has also negotiated to have Cadillac Fairview and their building partners, Lanterra Developments, plan and move through Toronto council a community space at 169 The Donway. This space will be funded by Cadillac Fairview at no cost to the City and upon completion will be turned over to the City for the whole community.

Community Advocacy and Involvement in Development Decisions
A Focus On Restoring City Service Levels For Residents
Bringing a Customer Service Mindset to Government

Through his work at the DMRI he has helped develop community fundraising and future plans for community amenities. He has worked extensively with Thompson House and Better Living to help plan for a new long-term care facility in the Don Mills corridor. This work is in the early stages but is progressing forward with an announcement in the winter of 2022 of additional beds. Live, work, and play was the motto when Don Valley was developed and Stephen wants to make sure we can add retire to that motto.

Stephen has also been working diligently on the Development proposed for Wynford Heights. While housing is needed badly, the Development at Wynford Heights is excessive in its scope and scale. On approximately 6 acres the developer wants to put as many units as there will be on the 65-acre Celestica site – 13 Towers with one planned at 65-stories. The development application has virtually no public amenities. The DMRI has hired a lawyer and is fighting this application at the Ontario Land Tribunal but Stephen wants to take our concerns right to city council on our behalf.

On October 24, 2022 Don Valley East will make a choice on who they want to represent them. Let's choose Stephen Ksiazek, who has proven he can get things done for our community. It is time our residents had a strong voice at City Hall and a plan for our community.